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6 Things To Consider Before You Setup A Laundry Business

To setup a laundry business requires no prior experience. You do not need a degree to become a successful laundry shop owner. Also, this kind of business is considered safe and profitable. Nowadays, many people do not have time to wash their clothes because of busy schedules, so this is a kind of business that can provide laundry service for them.
If you are planning to become a laundry shop operator, then there are 6 things that you must to consider to become successful.

First, location.
Second, capital.
Third, customers.
Fourth, supplies and equipment.
Fifth, operating hours.

1. Location.
To setup a laundry business is a good start for your business to grow. You need to put your business in a large community of large customers. A location within dormitories, schools, business establishments is ideal because of its large volume of people.
2. Capital.
Today, a typical laundry shop will require a starting investment of 300,000 – 500,000 for small laundry shop, and 500,000 – 1,000,000 pesos for big laundry shop. You will spend more on the machines that you will use while other expenses will go on other expenses.
3. Customers.
Customers are the backbone of this business. It is very important to provide quality service to them because through your customers, your business will grow by word of mouth and referrals.
4. Supplies and equipments.
A beginning laundry shop with a minimal budget must have at least two pairs of washers and dryers. You must also remember that the cost of the machines also depend on the brand. To cut off expenses, it is also suggested that you make your own fresheners, detergents, and fabric softeners.
5. Operating hours.     
It is important for laundry shops to consider the available time for customers. It will give them time when to deliver and pick-up their laundry.
6. Manpower.
A small laundry shop requires two or three workers. However, if you have a big laundry shop and you are providing services to big institutions, then you need a big manpower. Your employees must be trustworthy, diligent, have knowledge in washing and taking care of clothes, etc. To have good workers will keep your customers come back again to use your service.

Now that you know what to consider in setting-up a laundry business, it is time to know the different ways to increase your income. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, there are 5 ways to increase your laundry business profits.

First, increase the price or target high volumes. “You may either charge more for the services or keep your prices low but target higher volumes.”
You can do this through promotions or adding valuable services like free pick-up and delivery.
Second, “design the shop to make it functional and to minimize costs.” A laundry shop consumes a lot of electricity, and in our country, electrical companies charge the consumers with high amount of money. To avoid this, you can plan your shop by making a big room for drying area. This is very helpful especially on summer or dry season because it cut the cost of electric usage. You can also buy drums and use it to store water instead of using pressurized tanks for the water supply.
Third, “look for commercial and institutional clients for faster return of investment.”  You can charge big commercial and institutional clients with more money. Also, these kinds of establishments can provide more items for your laundry shop to wash. The more items you wash, the more money you will have.
Fourth, “charge more for bulky items and heavy garments.” As a laundry service provider, you must know the service price that you will charge in each item. Charge more for big, heavy, and bulky items like bedcovers, comforters, blankets, jeans, and jackets.
Fifth, “offer dry cleaning.” Dry cleaning service provides high profit in laundry business. However, it requires lots of practice to master it because it can ruin a fabric or garment if not done properly.

Here are the following websites where you can get more information on how to set-up laundry business in the Philippines:


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