Puerto Princesa Underground River: Pride of the Philippines

After Puerto Princesa underground river was proclaimed as the world’s new 7 wonders of nature last November, it became one of  the top tourist destinations in our country.

“The Puerto Princesa underground river has earned its rightful place as a source of national pride and a top drawer for tourists,” Paje said.

“Meanwhile Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn is optimistic that Palawan could surpass Boracay as the top tourist destination in the Philippines.”

“He also expects 1.2 million tourists to visit Puerto Princesa by 2015. He said tourism will reach 9.7 billion this year. He said that after it was declared one of the seven new wonders of Nature; 515,000 tourists visited the underground river more than triple the annual average of 164,000 – Source taken from Malaya Online News

As I was reading on the internet this online news, there were three things that came up to my mind:

  • First, it will create more jobs and more income to our tourism industry, especially to our local Palawenos.
  • Second, it will help boost our national and local economy like what Mayor Edward Hagedorn told the press.
  • Third, Philippines will be more exposed to international tourism, and can compete to other top tourist destinations in the world.

However, it bothers me that the increase of tourist arrivals in the city will also affect the environment and natural resources of the river. But according to the press, the city government of Puerto Princesa will limit the visit to the river of 900 persons per day, which I believe will help protecting the river.

I have never been to Palawan, but according to my wife who is from Palawan said, that the river sanctuary and its surrounding is indeed beautiful and amazing. Aside from the river trek activity, visitors can also see various plants and living creatures around it.

If you have never been to Palawan underground river, I encourage you to visit it. This is also included in my list of places that I am planning to visit next year. Below are useful sites about Palawan Underground river. I also included pictures and a link of informative video about PPUR.

Useful sites about Puerto Princesa Underground River:





entrance to the river cave of palawan

tourist in underground river palawan

inside the underground river of palawan

group of tourists in underground river in palawan

Video link that shows information about Palawan Underground River -

The Beautiful Underground Palawan River


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