Why You Should Join Teletech

Teletech is one of the fastest growing and promising call centers not only in the Philippines but also around the world. 

The company started in 1982 through the leadership of Ken Tuchmans, and it has serving customers for more than 30 years with one guiding principle,” Customer relationships built on trust and simplicity deliver lasting value for everyone.”

Here in the Philippines, the company has a proven record as one of the leading call centers in the country.  They perform business support in different companies, and provide outsourced solutions in different industries.

If you want to work as a call center agent, then you must put Teletech in the list of your priority. 

According to the company’s website, you will experience the following things:

  •     You will have fun.
  •     You will stay connected
  •     You will share your passion.
  •     You will be healthy.
  •     You will build financial freedom.
  •     You will cultivate your career.
  •     You will make money.
  •     You will take time for yourself.
  •     You will experience culture of caring.
How about those who are working or those who became part of the company? Let’s read what they’ve said about Teletech

Bank Associate (Current Employee), Quezon City, P00 – June 20, 2015

Full Time Employee (Former Employee), Novaliches, Quezon City – October 30, 2013
Pros: free lunches, approachable management, cool environment, unity, grounded people
Cons: information overload due to too much lobs
Working at Teletech was definitely one my best life experience. I have learned a lot from my trainers, mentors and team leaders. My critical thinking skill definitely ascended because of the coaching sessions. I found full joy in coming to work everyday because of my colleagues. I have developed such meaningful friendships that I will forever treasure. A day never goes by without me smiling because of the wackiness and full support that we all have for one another. Up to this day, I still am keeping in touch with my former co-workers in Teletech.
Pros: Incentives, Allowances
Cons: Queuing; Average calls per day 70-80.
I love Teletech. Every day I answer phone calls, handle customers concerns & resolve it to the best & the fastest way I could, cause we believe that time is gold. All concerns have to be attended immediately. Management is good, everything seems to be organized. I love my co-workers as much as I love my family. The hardest part of the job is for you to make your transaction with customers as fast as you could (around 3-4 mins), not all customers are the same, most of them call just to do payments or inquire about their billing statements, however there are customers that are calling to do business transactions & other stuffs which I could say not business related. I love team buildings & payday those are the most enjoyable part of my (all jobs) job.
Technical Support (Former Employee), Santa Rosa City, 04A – March 5, 2015
Pros: free allowance from client, meal, transportation, rice and incentives monthly
challenging role but gained lot s of friends and knowledge. I had fun though being a call center agent/Trainer is quite hard. but i had fun and i am very thankful for having this opportunity.

Now that you have read their experiences with Teletech, what are you waiting for?  For more information about the company and the available jobs ,visit the following websites:
To read about the comments of current and previous employers of Teletech Philippines, click this link.


16 reasons you are not hired even you have a good resume

Here are the actual reasons given by employers why they did not hire people who had good resumes but did not pass the interview. Make sure you're not one of them!

1. "The applicant had a poor personal appearance.
2. "The person lacked self-confidence, he seemed to be in doubt and was kind of shy."
3. "The applicant was unable to express himself clearly...I couldn't understand what he was saying."
4. "I noticed the applicant was overaggressive, he was too hyper."
5. "She was too nervous and lacked the poise I wanted to see."
6. "He was rude and had no manners. He would butt in even when I haven't finished asking."
7. "He did not have a clear set of goals in life."
8. "The applicant would try to avoid answering some questions."
9. "Too many job seekers expect too much too soon; they don't want to start from the bottom."
10. "The applicant was too profit-oriented; he wanted to know how much he would make right away."
11. "She spoke badly about her past employers...what would she say if she resigned later on after hiring her."
12. "His accompanying materials were incomplete and even had the tactlessness to requests for a rescheduling of the interview so he could have the complete forms."
13. "If the applicant is late to the interview, that automatically lessens his or hr chances of getting accepted."
14. ""The applicant had a weak handshake and ignored my eye-to-eye contact; he wasn't the people oriented employee I was looking for."
15. "One person I interviewed displayed immaturity...he would insist on doing things the way he wanted it."
16. "If the applicant has no question about the company or the position even if you ask him or her if she has any questions, then he or she isn't meant for the job at all."

An interview session can either make or break you. So make sure you won't end up with one of these reasons.

Taken from "How to win the job you want."

10 Do's and Don'ts before, during, and after the interview.

One of the most difficult undertakings a job seeker may have is when facing a job interview. This is a common among our college graduates since they lack all the necessary skills whenever they are confronted with questions, they themselves had never encountered before. It is also their resentment that they have never been taught on how to embattled such a war of employment search after finishing their chosen courses.

Why is this so? Here are the DO's and DON'T's when applying for a job and preparing for an interview.

1. Prepare. Preparation matters  prior to your actual interview. Do have sufficient copies of your updated resume. Apart from having your personal profile ready, be sure you also have reproduced important documents such as your barangay clearance, you government issued ID's such as SSS, PhilHealth, PagIBIG, Passport, Driver's License. Your Police and NBI clearances may also be required, so have them at hand. Have yourself groomed your general appearance as pleasant and presentable, from the hair and your total get-up.

2. Dress up to impress. Wear appropriate smart casual or business attire. The way you dress yourself up is just one way of impressing your would-be-employer. Keep in mind as well, simple is always beautiful. Wear comfortable dresses or suits.

3. Be prompt. It is disappointing at times when you set a meeting with someone in a specific time and place and that the person you are supposed to have an appointment arrives late. This is one way of losing your etiquette  and professionalism. If your interview is scheduled at 8:00 am, be at the venue at least half an hour before your actual interview. This is for you to still have a chance to fix yourself up in case you will need to - your dress, your hair, your shoes (if left unpolished, nails, or even get over your notes to read some of the important details about the company where you wish to apply job to, etc.)

4. Be courteous at all times.  One way of doing this is by smiling at everyone you meet along the way. This is free, so just give it away. Smile at all individuals you may meet in the hallway of the company or office where you are scheduled to have your interview. Remember, you may never know that the same kind of people whom you will work with in the future. In fact, this is now a good start in establishing rapport with them in advance.

5. Be enthusiastic. This is the way to show that you are interested in the job you are applying for. How to do it. During your job interview, sit up properly. Focus on the questions. Answer in forthright manner. Have an eye contact with the interviewer.

6. Be confident. Be confident but not that cocky. This is reflected through your voice, your posture, and your manner you behave during the interview. Avoid speaking in fillers to avoid disappointing the interviewer.

7. Speak clearly. By doing this, you are putting an impression upon the interviewer. Make your voice audible enough that even the person seated five meters apart can hear you plausibly.

8. Be honest. Your resume should reflect only what are the true and correct and that should be to the best of your knowledge. Check the date entries ( not overlapping especially employment dates ), personal details, and employment histories. Your resume may also be the soul reference of the interviewer in asking your questions.

9. Ask questions. Never lose the chance to ask your interviewer about the job you are applying for. Example, )what should the company expect of you when hired? 2)Why do they need people for the position? 3)Can you make a follow-up on the status of your application? This is to give yourself an idea of the kind of work you will have done once hired.

10. Thank the interviewer. A simple statement of "Thank you for your time" or "I have a great time with you" for the interviewer makes an interviewer smile and that it is worth both your appreciation.

About the author: Leynard B. Pascual has degrees in Development Administration and Educational Management with specialization in Human Resources Development Management and Educational Researches. He has an extensive background in Personnel Development and Management, Performance Evaluation for Training and Development and Corporate Management. He is currently the Human Resources for Corporate Affairs of EBC Group of Companies.

Top 5 Benefits of Working from Home

Have you ever heard of digital nomads? These are people who work online, live in one country after another, and never really settle anywhere. They don’t have to report to the office because they bring their work wherever they go and literally enjoy seeing the world as they do. Digital nomads comprise a group of people who have taken working from home to a whole new level.

The Internet has opened a world of opportunities in every aspect of our lives— including the way we work. What used to be a rigid and rather exclusive job market is now wide open to anyone who has the skills, knowledge, and perseverance. Whatever field you specialize in, there is almost always a way for you to earn from it, without having to leave the comfort of your own home, wherever in the world that may be.

Online platforms like oDesk.com and eLance.com do a great job matching skilled online workers with employees/ clients from anywhere around the world. Meanwhile, if you love the idea of working with a team even as you feel wary about commuting to work everyday, you’d be happy to know that more companies are opening up to the possibility remote working conditions.

Whether you’re an employee who’s considering the possibility of being your own boss, or an employer who doesn’t believe that productivity doesn’t necessarily equate to presence, here are some of the top benefits of working from home:

1. Achieve work-life balance (finally!)

Some would argue that the idea of a work-life balance is nothing more than a myth, or something that’s impossible to achieve at this time and age. However, this doesn’t stop a lot of people from wanting to find a certain balance somehow. According to a survey conducted by Microsoft, Work Without Walls, the idea of achieving a work-life balance is top reason why a lot of Americans decide to abandon the conventional office structures and work from home instead, according to Forbes.

For obvious reasons, working from home where you’re comfortable and relaxed does wonders in reducing stress and pressure. With less time spent commuting, you can spend more time with family and pursue activities that contribute to your well-being, such as exercising, travelling, and working on projects you’re passionate about!

2. Save on gas and transportation

It used to be that members of the working class only have to accept the fact that a significant chunk of their salary would go to transportation or gas. When you work remotely, this is no longer an issue. The money you save you’re then free to spend on the more important things in life or add to your personal savings. On top of that, you’re also spared the headache and frustrations that come with wading through heavy city traffic!

3. Boost your productivity

Not everyone can force themselves to be productive within a set number of hours. Workers and employers who are results-driven appreciate the fact that different individuals reach the peak of their productivity at different times of the day. Working from home will enable you to determine which parts of the day you’re most productive and allows you to capitalize on that knowledge.

4. Enjoy peace and quiet

We’ve all experienced it: boisterous colleagues, micromanaging bosses, endless meetings, and other distractions at work. If your type of work demands high concentration and focus, you’ll likely enjoy working someplace where no one could disturb you.

Be warned, however, that the Internet also offers a lot of distractions that you might find hard to avoid. This is why it would be a good idea to use productivity apps that keep you from spending too much time on Facebook, or ones that offer features to help improve your focus if you decide to work from home.

5. Earn more!

Working from home lets you enjoy your income better. The money you save on gas and costly lunches can be added to your savings or spent on things that really matter to you. If you take the freelance path and start getting the hang of things, you can start juggling more than a few projects at a time as a way to boost your income.

Working from home is not for everyone. Some people thrive in high-pressure environments and enjoy the social aspect of working in an actual office. There are workers who have poor time management skills and can’t be trusted to be productive on their own, without supervision.

However, working at home certainly offers great benefits to anyone, whether you’re a housewife who’d like to put your talents into lucrative use, a student looking for additional income, the average office worker who doesn’t mind taking a break from the corporate grind every once in a while, or a someone who simply wants to travel more and see the world without using up all your savings.

Article taken from BIZMATES.

DOLE: pay rules for special non-working days in NCR

From the Department of Labor and Employment
Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday said private business employers must observe proper pay rules and core labor standards for their workers on January 15, 16, and 19 which have been declared under Proclamation No. 936 as special non-working days in the National Capital Region on account of the visit to the Philippines of His Holiness Pope Francis, the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church and Head of the State of the Vatican.
President Benigno S. Aquino III issued Proclamation No. 936 on 22 December 2014 through Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr.
“In view of the Proclamation, I enjoin all private sector employers in Metro Manila to observe the proper pay rules for the benefit of their workers,” said Baldoz after she issued Labor Advisory No. 14 Series of 2014 on 29 December 2014.

 The Labor Advisory states the pay rules applicable for the special non-working days as follows:


  • If the employee did not work, the “no-work, no-pay” principle shall apply, unless there is a favorable company policy, practice, or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) granting payment on a special day;
  • If the employee worked, he or she shall be paid an additional 30 percent of his or her daily rate on the first eight hours of work [(daily rate x 130 percent) + COLA];
  • If the employee worked in excess of 8 hours (overtime work), he or she shall be paid an additional 30 percent of his or her hourly rate on said day (hourly rate of the basic daily wage x 130 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked);
  • If the employee worked during a special day that also falls on his or her rest day, he or she shall be paid an additional 50 percent of his or her daily rate on the first 8 hours of work [(daily rate x 150 percent) + COLA];
  • If the employee worked in excess of 8 hours (overtime work) during a special day that also falls on his or her rest day, he or she shall be paid an additional 30 percent of his or her hourly rate on said day (hourly rate of the basic daily wage x 150 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked).
Pope Francis’ visit is scheduled from 15 to 19 January 2015. During these dates, the Roman Catholic Church has lined up several religious activities in Manila that pay tribute to and express their faith through a joyful celebration. Filipinos who profess the Catholic faith are expected to join and participate in the five-day celebration as a way of showing support to the Catholic Church and its head.


6 Things to know on how to spot a pyramid scam!

1. Do you have to pay for your sales job?
2. Is it really about selling?
3. Is it actually about recruiting?
4. Are you buying or selling?
5. Are you paying to be trained and “motivated” by the company (or upline) you work for?
6. Does the company provide enough information for you to do your won “due diligence?”
taken from “What about this one?

Tips to Avoid Premature Bankruptcy for Young Business Owners

A great business mind is most often considered the best asset of a successful entrepreneur.

Being a business owner is always one of the seemingly more exciting ways to make a living. Considering the many opportunities in the market and the rise of consumer spending in the country, there is no surprise to why a handful of graduates choose to be young business owners.

Starting young in the world of business is always a good thing, but it can also be too risky especially if it’s a start-up and you’re doing everything by yourself. The primary concern when starting a business frequently revolves around finances. Do you have the money to start a business? Do you have all the requirements to apply for a business loan? These are the right questions to ask yourself, but remember that it’s not always about the money.

No matter how bright your ideas are, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t plan and execute a strategic approach toward entrepreneurship. Before you begin your venture, here are some ideas on how you can go about your business planning:

1. Outline your business goals. When setting your business goals, don’t focus on just making money. Not only does it sound greedy, it also does not give you the right kind of mindset as a business owner. Set goals for yourself and for your business so you can always be on target. Do you want to expand your business a few years from now, if it becomes successful? Do you want to get investors or franchisees?

2. Boost your knowledge on financial management. One of the downfalls of most businesses is the lack of knowledge about handling money. There are a lot of books on business and financial management that you can get from a bookstore. Otherwise, you can simply Google what you need to know. You can even find a lot of online videos and even business courses, free of charge.

3. Create a budget. If you are funding your own venture, you may have very limited resources. If not, it’s likely you don’t have enough cash flow. While it can be quite challenging, having a conservative stance towards spending will allow you to stretch your budget.

4. Prepare for a business credit card application. Even if you already have a credit card, never use your personal card for your business. Having a small business credit card to be used exclusively for business purposes is a much better idea. It will allow you to monitor and evaluate your business expenses. It will also give you enough financial flexibility in times of need.

5. Join business symposiums or conferences. Learn from the most reputable business speakers. It’s highly logical to learn about the experiences and hear words of wisdom from business professionals. You also need to consider these events as an opportunity to grow your network.

6. Be an expert in people-to-people and business-to-business relations. Don’t attempt to pull dirty tactics for your own gain. From clients and suppliers to business partners and competitors, never strain your relations with anyone. Being unethical will only backfire and hurt your business and your personal life in the long run.

7. Monitor your run rate. Every business owner knows the importance of monitoring how the business is actually doing. How is the ROI (return on investment)? Will you be able to continue with expansion or do you need to consider an abridgment? This allows you to identify the SWOTs (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of your business and to evaluate if the business is truly profitable.

As a young entrepreneur, you must not fear the many facets of business planning and execution that you will need to go through. Most of the time, people who take the biggest risks are the ones who get to enjoy a booming success.

 This article is exclusively written for PinoyCareerCenter.Blogspot.com by MoneyMax Philippines, the country's leading financial comparison portal which helps Filipino consumers make the right financial decisions as they settle on the best credit card, home loan, broadband plan, and more—fast, comprehensive, and free. Visit MoneyMax Blog for more financial tips and advice.
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Growing a Small Business from Home

Many Filipinos today are considering going from being an average employee to becoming a small-time business owner. And this could be just one great move for them. Robert Kiyosaki once said in his book entitled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” that financial freedom can be attained through establishing a business and investing.

Nevertheless, the country is undeniably booming with various business and investment opportunities. From manufacturing hand-crafted products to opening restaurants, the ideas are endless. They come up with innovative products and services that can stand even during tough economic times.

Starting a small business from home is usually the scenario here in the country. With a decent capital to get by, budding entrepreneurs are slowly climbing their way to the top through ingenious strategies. But just like any other venture, it doesn't come easy. Surely, challenges may come even if you're building your business at home. But with the right mindset and techniques, the journey towards financial freedom wouldn't be that much difficult.

A Conducive Work Environment
Regardless of what industry you're in, it is crucial to designate a workspace suited for you. There are lots of home office ideas swarming over the Net which you can take advantage of. Set aside some space in your house, preferably somewhere with minimal distractions. Moreover, investing in professional office equipment and furniture is a sound investment. Spending time in front of the computer means you need to be mindful about ergonomics. An ergonomic chair and keyboard saves you from repetitive stress injuries.

Keep a Strong Team
A home-based business isn't equivalent to a one-man show. The fact that it is business means you need experts to help you out. These are people who must be adept with aspects you are not familiar with. For instance, if you are not familiar with setting up an online presence, you may hire a web developer with an SEO and internet marketing experience. Aside from that, you may need the help of accountants, bookkeepers and even lawyers. Assess what your strengths are when it comes to running a business and focus on the parts which you are good at. Leave the rest to your competent team.

Branding Helps
Building your company also means building its identity in the market. Part of your business plan should be impressive yet feasible marketing strategies. Branding is all about establishing your business' credibility through delivering the message of your products and/or services clearly. Create ways to connect to your clients and customers emotionally.

Customer Service
No matter what size, businesses should always make their customers feel valued. When you come to think of it, your company wouldn't even suffice without them. Cultivating relationships with your target audience is extremely essential during the first stage of your business. Winning their loyalty is a matter of being grateful and respectful of them, be it through exceptionally answering to their queries and attending to their concerns.
Managing and growing your small business at home is definitely possible. Starting out while keeping in mind these concepts may even give you a bigger and brighter opportunity in the corporate scene.

Anna Garcia writes for Regus PH. Regus Philippines offers excellent serviced accommodation and business solutions in three of the largest metropolitans in the country: Manila, Makati and Cebu City.

North Gate Arinso is hiring US Payroll Specialist: Apply Now

NorthgateArinso is a leading global Human Resources software & services provider offering innovative HR business solutions to employers of all sizes, including Global Fortune® 500 companies and many Public Sector organizations.
We help HR executives optimize their HR service delivery through smarter process and more efficient technology, supporting key HR areas like workforce administration, payroll, benefits, recruitment, learning, and talent management.
Our 5,000 employees are dedicated to HR excellence through strategic business consulting, outsourcing services, systems integration and best-of-breed software solutions.
NorthgateArinso is one of the 5 largest HR service providers worldwide and has offices in 31 countries on 5 continents.
Our vision: Our vision is simple: we want to be the trusted partner of HR decision makers, by improving HR service delivery through smarter processes and more efficient technologies.
Our history:  NorthgateArinso was created in 2007 following the acquisition of ARINSO International by Northgate Information Solutions, thus creating a merged entity with combined more than half a century of HR expertise.
Nature of the Business: IT Consulting & BPO for HR Functions
Industry recognition:
  • Ranked as Visionary in recent HR Outsourcing research
  • Ranked as top 3 HRO player by HRO Today
  • Ranked as top 10 European technology company by Truffle 100
  • Largest SAP HCM consultancy practice globally with over
    2,000 experienced consultants
  • Industry awards
    • 2010 “Most Innovative BPO Company of the Year” by ICT
    • 2009 Winner ‘HR Product of the Year’ by HR Executive
    • 2009 Winner of ‘Technology relationship of the year’ with SAP
    • 2008 Named ‘major outsourcer of the year’ by the Institute of 
      Payroll Professionals 
    • 2010 Winner of the SAP Pinnacle Award for BPO Provider of the Year
    • 2008 Winner of the SAP Pinnacle Award for Business 
      Process Outsourcing
    • 2006 Winner of the SAP Pinnacle Award for Global 
      Customer Satisfaction
    • SAP certified Global BPO service provider

US Payroll Specialist

Overall Objective: The Payroll Specialist is a HR expert whose mission is to provide HR outsourced services and manage requests and inquiries requiring a significant level of subject matter expertise in an efficient and effective way, in line with the statement of services and the agreed service levels.
 Main Responsibilities:
  • Works as the first point of contact in the delivery centre for Client HR representative.
  • Work could include calls, tickets, emails or faxes from clients requesting services, support or issue resolution.
  • Serves as the first escalation level for HR Consultant.
  • Resolves escalated and complex issues in one or more specific process areas which include payroll, reports, processes and controls.
  • Researches and processes master data changes and executes all process steps in accordance with the client’s standard operating procedures.
  • Processes payroll (on and off cycle) and post payroll reconciliation and other transactions.
  • Produces and supplies regular and on-demand payroll reports and statistical information according to the agreed services (SoS).
  • Ensures the quality and timely delivery of payroll services (processing and controls) according to the contract and SLA
  • Advanced HR expertise – In depth knowledge of processes, policies and regulations within the area of Payroll, Benefits Administration and employment law/legislation appropriate to the clients geography
  • Good analytical skills – to be able to break down a problem, situation or process into its component parts, to separate the main issues from side-issues, to understand the nature of parts and their relationship to one another
  • Gathering information and problem solving – look at existing issues and interact with others to find adequate solutions
  • Knowledge of the Service Centre processes, policies and procedures (e.g. escalation procedures, service level agreements, client service standards)
  • Good communicator and customer oriented – to be able to identify and understand the customer's needs
  • Results oriented – to be able to achieve targets aligned with business goals
  • Well-organized and planned, schedules time effectively and uses efficient work methods and tools
  • Detail-oriented, thorough and focused on all aspects of the job to ensure high levels of accuracy
  • Teamwork – to be able to work with colleagues to achieve targets and objectives.
  • Ability to work under pressure, remains calm, is objective and controlled in responding to urgent or demanding situations. Maintains effective performance against strict deadlines
  • Computer skills: MS Office, SAP HR, HR IS/IT systems and SC technology (tools for documentation/tracking, service delivery channels etc.)

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12 Ways to Attract and Keep More Customers in your Business

1. Have a quality product and maintain it. Make it sure that you are selling a very good product or service. It must have a good quality and must meet the standard of the market.

2. Be honest to your customers. Products or services that do not meet the expectation of your customers will give a bad reputation in your business. So everytime you promote your business do not underdeliver of overpromise.

3. Know your market. Before you attract customers in your business, make it sure that you know your market well. It will give you more understanding of what products to offer and what kind of marketing promotion you will do.

4.Use social networking. People nowadays love to hangout in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Why not use it to promote your business? It will boost your business by sharing it to your friends’ friends or by tweeting it. Also, it is fun and free.

5. Always listen to your customers. Do get angry or get insulted if your customers tell you that something is wrong in your product or service. Listen to them and fix the problem.

6. Be a “people person.” Attitude is critical to your business. Be friendly to your customers and they will be friendly to you, too.

7. Use attractive promotions to boost your product sales. Why not offer something to your customers that will keep them come back to you? Use Loyalty Program, buy 1 take 1, Buy 5 get 1 free. Did you get the idea?

8. Eye on your competition. Remember that you are not the only one who is selling your products. Business is a game of competition. Learn from your competitors and study how they sell or provide service to their customers. It will give you extra ideas to become more effective business person.

9. Be creative. Do not stick to one product if there is an opportunity to sell other products. If you are selling exercise machines, then look for another method to expand your business. Maybe you can add health products like vitamins in your product list. Always be creative.

10. Updgrade yourself. Do not be afraid to go back to school. It will help you to learn new things about your business.

11. Treat your employees properly. A piece of advise for those who have employees – always treat them properly. How you treat them will reflect on their working attitude.

12. Be willing to change. Hundreds of products are produced and sold in the market daily. Always update yourself of the latest info of your products or service. If you have seen that what you sell is outdated or old, be willing to change it. Do not stick to old ones, but try something new.