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3 things to consider before you enroll in a Master’s Degree program

master degree programOne way to get hired in top companies or get promoted in your present job is to pursue higher education.At present, the competition in our country has become tougher especially for those who are looking for a job. Nowadays, many employers prioritize an applicant who has MA degree background, because it shows that the person is more qualified.
Unlike the days of our parents, a graduate of a Bachelor’s degree was an advantage in getting a job. However, that trend is now changing. Every year, thousands of students are graduating with a Bachelor’s degree.
If you want to get an edge as a job applicant, or you want to be promoted and received more benefits in your present career, then the best thing to do is to enroll in a Master’s degree program.
But before you do it, there are three things that you must consider before you take up Master’s Degree.
1. You must have motivation and passion to do it. A Master’s degree program is more intensive than a Bachelor’s degree program. The subjects that you will study is more specific. There will be a lots of activities and interactions between your classmates. Your professors will expect a lot from you, and they can be more demanding. You will do a lot of comprehensive research and analysis.
2. You must know how to use your time efficiently. Expect a lot of things that you will do during your studies. Some of these are reading a lot of books, writing reports and journals, comprehensive research, and many more. Time will be your best friend for two to three years. You will always see yourself still awake at the middle of the night, or you need to wake very early every morning to finish your assignments.
3. You must have enough money before you enroll. If you want to finish your MA studies within two years, then you must have enough money to support your education. The tuition fee per unit is quite high compare to undergraduate studies. However, the tuition fees still depend on the university you will enroll. Here are some of the universities in the Philippines that have high tuition fees for graduate studies:
If you want to save money, then you can enroll in a state university that has also the same quality of the universities mentioned above. The tuition fee usually range from 200 – 300 pesos. Here are some of the low cost universities in Manila Philippines:
You must also remember that there are other expenses that you need to pay. Examples are laboratory fees, library fees, dissertation fees, and many more.